Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Freaking out

My brain...is too full.

I have to have my revisions done by the end of July. Sadly, I am having moments of detesting my book. Of not loving it. So I am going to make myself reread it until I love it again. Which I will. Because I want that offer. Badly.

Rockstar hubby did a tree job for a well-known meteorologist guy and talked about my book. He said that when and if (you mean 'when') it comes out, he'd be happy to set up a spot on the news to promote the 'local' author.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! platform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night the m.i.l called to talk about our future arrangements of living together. Not all in one house, but in two different houses on the same property, possibly joined together by a garage (were we to build to spec). We've always agreed that we would take care of them when the time came. We figured we had awhile. But m.i.l wants to move sooner than that.


And last night on the mls, we just happened to find three very cute homes on the waterfront.


That we could probably afford.


But I love my house. But it's the waterfront. But I like the area we live in. It's only 10 minutes from here. But I won't have as much privacy. That's why you set up schedules and build fences. But...but it's your job to take care of them...

my brain hurts.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

breathe in, breathe out

ok, ok, ok.

so a publishing company has contacted me after I had given up all hope and was ready to move on, and they are interested.
they want me to revise my book to make it, get this, more Christian! how cool is that?
they also suggested some very cool illustrations for it, in which I totally agreed.
my revisions are needed for the end of July. oof. but I can do it. well, WE can do it. :)
and then, just maybe, I'll get an offer.

from a lovely source, there's a good possibility....


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby, it's warm outside

It's been a cool June, with the exception of a few weird days. Which I've been fine with. This week? Highs of 30's all week. Which means a challenging but super-fun camping trip for the boys. Rockstar hubby is taking 6 other men down the Petawawa for their annual trek. Not as many men this year, having dwindled slowly from 32 the first time they all went over 6 years ago. It just means less rushing, less cooking and less stress. There is a possibility that it won't even happen next year. Who knows?
The gardens are looking good. I'm having serious issues with my tomatillos as the same beetle that devours my chinese lantern, seems to enjoy munching on tomatillo leaves. I have already picked off and killed 20 (may I say that strangely enough, they were all captured in sets of two? You can guess what they were doing) and when I looked outside today I noticed the entire top leaves are gone and they are still munching away. Seriously, how does a bug eat that much leaf? Bunch of fatties. So I've dug up all the chinese lantern plants out front (how they got there is beyond me) and I'm seriously considering digging out the ones that run along my back cedar wall. I'd like to say that they are normally pretty, but how pretty are skinny, twiggy orange blobs? Not very. Sure I could 'try' using insecticidal soap, but seriously? I'm too lazy. I'd rather dig them up. They irritate me anyway. And I've tried drowning them in an old vase filled with water (don't ask) and adding 'oxyclean for your carpet pet stains' and that didn't kill them. I doubt some yellow Sunlight is going to do the trick. And I don't use Sunlight. I use some kind of watermelon Dawn with antibacterial cleaner blah blah in case I happen to miss the raw chicken goo stuck to my glass.
On a personal note, work has been...too busy. Too much tree work and not enough family quality time. I'm noticing that rsh and I are bickering a bit for no good reason. Time for some time I think. It's so easy to get caught up in working hard in the summer...especially when the work is there.

Off to clean the upstairs room in the cool of my house. Air-conditioning can wait until 4pm...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yes! I'm Behind for goodness sakes!


Ok, so last week we went on our second family vacation. We don't count going to the cottage because we're only going an hour away and we can rush home if we need to, or drive half an hour for my latte fix :)
Last Monday, at 8am, we found ourselves packed to the gills in my ford focus, driving to St.Catherines. Nearest Niagara on the Lake.
I aquired a lovely friend about 8 years ago while waitressing (oh I miss those days..) who turned out to be a wine rep. He and his lovely wife, now own a vineyard. A tiny one, a charming one, but a vineyard nonetheless.

I'm pleased to say I drove the entire 6 hours (with 3 stops for food, peeing and a quick video game) as rockstar hubby was a tad sore from running the half marathon the day before. I would like to take a moment to brag that he did it in an hour and a half? Top 2% thank you very much.

So we got there to A & R's and immediately attacked Starbucks for a fix and began to unpack. The afternoon was left open to just hang out and chat. The gaffer had a 3 year old to play with so despite the few squabbles, it went well. And they got us addicted to the Bachelorette (No!!) and yes, we are following it closely and most of our conversation (rsh and I) the other morning was about the psychotic-ness of Dave.

The next day, Tuesday, rsh found himself cutting down their tree. Which was part of the plan you see. Manual labour for free room and board..and wine. Lots and lots of wine. Which meant a whole three glasses because I am a silly pants when it comes to wine. And they lovingly donated their Easter chocolates for my other fix. May I brag that it was not cheap chocolate, but the proper Lindt bunny kind? Oh, I was in heaven.

On Wednesday we got a fabulous tour of their winery and vineyard, in which I am not disclosing anything because it's none of your business, unless of course they harass me to brag about their winery. It was so CLEAN! I know that makes no sense, but I figured it would have, you know, gunk in the corners. But R is a clean freak and I suspect A as well (he irons his jeans!) and there wasn't any gunk in their corners of their bathrooms (did I mention I'm thinking of getting a cleaning person to clean my bathrooms?). Then we packed up and drove to:


Dude. It was fantastic. However, we stopped at the shopping outlet mall first because I needed a fix, and gaffer was...sad that I was leaving him. Ok, I figured, he's tired. An hour later, the boys picked me up and we went. We even managed to get a room right away. It was awesome. Two queen sized beds, side by side, two tv's and a sitting room. We threw on our swimsuits and headed for the water park. Wow. All I can say is wow. It's enormous. And fantastic. And warm. And the waterslides rocked. And they had an arcade. In which rsh would routinely ask if he could go play 'Deer Hunter' as I watched the gaffer.
But the gaffer wasn't well. He was crying. And warm. Too warm.
Thursday morning I sent rsh to get a thermometer and some tylenol. Gaffer had a fever of 102. For three days.
So we packed him full of motrin and tylenol and once he began showing signs of life, we dragged him to the water park (I'm such a great parent)
And I shopped.
I spent two hours in Coach.
But I didn't buy anything.
And I went to the US, all by myself. Boy, was I given a hard time.
But I didn't buy anything. Nothing. Hard to explain that to customs. But I really didn't.
Friday, we drove home.
And got caught on the 401 for two hours. Oof.
We got home 8 hours later.
Saturday morning took the gaffer to the hospital.
Ear infection.

He's recovering nicely.

We're going back in November...