Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weird days...

you know those days where things are just...weird?

we had a dump truck drop off 15 tons of gravel onto our tarped driveway because rockstar hubby is filling our backyard hole in which we will soon have a patio. i'm very excited. but as the truck went forwards with his dumping, the front of his 'dumper' got caught in the hydro wires. thankfully rsh was there to yell at him to stop so he didn't pull the whole thing down. so then rsh donned leather gloves and rubber boots and climbed to the top of the caught 'dumper' and pulled the wires off. i watched carefully with my fingers on the '911' of our telephone. he didn't die.
then we (the family minus dog) went to go look at another house on the water. yes, i know we can't afford a house on the water, and no, we are nowhere even close to moving because, well, it would hurt financially. we've only been in our house for two years. how smart would it be to move? anyway, this house has 180' of riverfront property, plus 360' long to the end of the road. there's plenty of room to build an additional house and my dream-greenhouse. and it's a bungalow. that is weird. the two porches are sadly rotting. there are some strange bugs everywhere (I'm guessing he leaves his porch lights on all night) and the living room is the colour of mustard. not my favourite yellow, but whatever. the bedroom is a honkin L-shape, that steps down and there's no closet. the kitchen is weird, the dining room is weird, weird, weird, weird. and expensive. we're actually debating it...but would he knock 75$ off so we could afford to lift it and put in a walk-out?
then we went to the grocery store and rockstar hubby forgot wallet. he had to go back. then we ran into our favourite bakery-girl, Lisa, and she was shopping. looking very sick. with a shaved head under her hat. oh no. turns out she found a lump three weeks ago and in the past week, it's grown aggressively enough to attack all of her lymph nodes. she needs to undergo 5 operations, plus chemo and radiation. she's 36. i felt sick.
when we got home there was an email waiting for me from 'said' publishing house. they had been late getting back to me due to other book emergencies etc. but she said my revisions were 'seamless' and 'brilliant'. she'll push the book in a few weeks at their meeting and i'll know hopefully by the end of August. so i'm excited, but now i have to wait again. i think i'll start working on the other book for now.

i'm sorry to say that our week's holiday was not as great as expected. it rained every day save two days at the cottage and it was not warm out. rsh had to paint the cottage so it was constantly smelly (for some reason 'tremclad' was purchased to paint wood outside), family did NOT get the 75 subtle hints about wanting to be alone and there was guilt flung mercilessly at us. but the pipolinka and trip to the market was fun.

this saturday i am headed to watertown(down) with my friend to shop. then on sunday i'm off to pembroke for a much needed retreat.
and now i make tofurkey wraps as the gaffer fights off the bad guys.

Friday, July 3, 2009

and another post...

i spent the entire day procrastinating on line, and working on my book. i think i have it figured out. but i'm tired now.

the boys drove up to arnprior for pancakes and an airplane tour. luckily, they go to go in the cockpit and check it out. i played mindjolt on facebook.

tonight the boys had macaroni and cheese and angus hot dogs. i had a bit of both. that was 6 hours ago and i still feel it in the back of my throat.

then we all went outside and they had a sword fight in the circle, while i weeded. after ten minutes i joined them. and then the neurotic dog took off. i called to her right away but then saw it was a bunny. THE bunny. that little bugger who keeps gnawing on my tomatillo leaves and eating my lettuce. 'go get him!' i egged on the dog. and she gave it her all. and then she slipped, head first onto the neighbour's paved driveway. she kept running. and then she stopped. because she was limping.
my poor little girl. i took one look at her foreleg and noticed that it was missing fur. gashes of fur missing. and the skin underneath was hamburger.
oh crap.

she had another cut on her elbow (knee?) and it was bleeding. so after i grabbed a cold cloth and held it above heart level for half an hour, i polysporin-ed it, wrapped it in gauze and taped it. she's left it alone for the most part. i just rebandaged it, still gross looking but she didnt' complain. i let her own my bed because i felt bad.

i kicked her off five minutes later because she managed to pick up some slugs on her backside and deposited them on my bed.
at least i hope they were slugs. i'm having gross visions of my dog picking up worms.

regardless, rsh is missing the fun because he is in the basement with the gaffer, sleeping in a tent.


two posts in one day.

yes, of course i'm supposed to be editing my book, why do you ask?

i just facebooked a boy i was madly in love with in university. we went on a few dates and then one evening, at a forestry bash, he told me that i was no good for him. that i would want to rope him into marriage and he'd be as miserable as his brother is.


i was CRAZY for this guy. absolutely nuts for him. he left after we graduated to work on some forestry stuff out west.

so i facebooked him. not a lot of info. i was devious and decided to google him.

i found his website.

he's a real estate agent.


"not that there's anything wrong with that!"
but seeing his cheesy smile and his polyester suit and his resume about the grade schools he went to in his hometown and his cheesy wife smiling beside him. the glint of 'badboy' from his gone.

actually it's kind of depressing.
after rockstar hubby and i had married, we had run into my ex twice (and i was seriously in love with this man, i think i blogged about him before and i could have/would have married him but thank goodness i didn't because we would have killed each other) and that glint was gone too.
infact at the glebe garage sale i saw another ex, who was standing 25' away, but i chose to ignore him and sneak glances out of my eye as i talked cheerfully to gaffer to show how happy i was (like he'd recognize me in my huge fake D&G sunglasses with the mirrored lenses) and he was...glintless.

as happy as i am with rsh, i could not ask for a better best friend or husband, i'm left wondering...what happens to these men? where's the adventure inside them? where's the rollerblading off of handrails on stairs, where's the trying to be a chef, where's the going to Australia to ski and surf at the same time?

where did they go?

am i squelching my man?

of course there will be grumpiness...

today, was an incredibly weird day. i think the crazies are out. and they always manage to find me.

the morning started off good enough, had a great work out at the gym, got some shopping done for this weekend's adventure camping trip (in which we drive two hours to Pembroke, bike for 12km down an old train track to our campsite, and sleep there for the night) and then stopped at Tristan's because i saw a beautiful dress there last tuesday while on my day-date and was determined to try it on. it looked looked like my Paris dress.
i already have a Paris jacket, but i won't be wearing it if we go to Paris in the spring, but i need to see the gardens...decisions, decisions!

so i went in to try it on and i had the gaffer with me. it's a wrap dress. one of those: here's the skirt and here's two swatches of extra long fabric for you to wrap around yourself. no instructions allowed. so i tried it on. and couldn't figure it out. but sort of. during this time, i had met the flamboyant salesman (would he think i looked fat in my dress?) and was waiting for him to ask me how it fit so he could show me how to wear it. but a salesgirl came over as i was trying on the other one (different colour) and i asked her to come back. she didn't. until ten minutes later, after i intercepted a phone call from rsh and told the gaffer for the tenth time to sit still and take it down a notch (the change room was smaller than a powder room). so she came back as i was dressed and i opened the door.

she looked about 50. wearing tight little jean shorts. and a peach sparkly top. her nails were fake, but not the good kind. the weird wide ones that curl funny. and they were peach. and her legs should not have been wearing shorts and her face looked like she was 70. and she kept touching my arm. it was creepy. so i bought the dress to play with at home (it works!)
at the grocery store, the gaffer was talking non-stop and all i wanted to do was get some underwear. at the cash i finally told him to stand still and not move as my very slow cashier rang through 60$ worth of groceries. behind me was a woman with 4 children. all under 6. she yelled out 'hey!' and began talking to a friend. her baby started screaming. for 5 minutes. the mom didnt' pick her up. now, i don't blame her, but i was seriously going to snap. i stuck my finger in one ear and just breathed. i wanted to turn around and just start screaming, 'shut up! shut up! shut up!' (such a Christian thing to do) but i didn't.

on the drive home, there were weird drivers. drivers cutting me off, drivers telling me to go ahead of them when i clearly could not and i held up traffic about 6 times.

then i crashed for a nap. i slept hard for two hours. rsh was home by then. i almost had two car accidents on the way to the puddlepark (playtime for neurotic dog). we stopped at timmy's for hubby to get a coffee (wouldn't you rather have a nice equator?) and was ambushed by a very large, very...drunk? teenager asking me if i had a smoke. she went and sat down, obviously loitering (big sign under her) looking drab and depressed. i let rsh drive home.

as i made supper i realized i was going to snap. seriously snap. no, not pms time. huh. why? i checked the calender. the gaffer had been out of school for almost three weeks now. my routine of not having him for two full days a week was gone. i have him all the time now and the sitter cut back her hours. i haven't had a day to myself in two weeks. and i haven't gone on a retreat with God since last November. i 'could' have gone last weekend with the women's ministry but rsh was off camping with the men, so i didn't go. huh. i need some serious r & r.

and to top off last night, i couldn't figure out what was going on with my body. i looked. i'll save you the details, but rsh had to go to the pharmacy to pick up some..anti-fungal cream. no, i won't be camping now because i cannot sit on a bike for 12km and not have plumbing.

so do they go alone? do they stay here? i'm so torn.

but i really need to get out of here...

ps: did i mention i was text - harassed from someone living in the yukon?