Thursday, December 27, 2007

the joys of Christmas

ah what a time of year. it's usually filled with insane stress and much cookie eating and sometimes too much drinking.
i'm pleased to say it was only filled with a little stress, a lot of cookie eating (seriously, i was sick twice) and not much drinking at all.

went to mom's for Christmas eve dinner and the funniest part was watching gaffer open his presents. he'd open one and then want to play with it for half an hour, so after three gifts, we made him open all of them. but the winner of the day was a large, cheap truck that carries cars in its sides. dinner was chili, provided by chef extraordinare (moi) and then some dessert. i basically ate salad because i wasn't feeling too well (stress?) and then some more playing. my aunt showed up which caused some stress as she refused to acknowledge me, so we left.

after putting the gaffer to bed, rockstar hubby and i exchanged small gifts (as money is disgustingly tight this year) and he received his 'special' present, a vintage, brass Husqvarna chainsaw belt buckle. as well as some Husky shirts and a Husky hat. (hm...some kind of theme here) and i received my lovely silver hoops and a sweater i wanted very much. and two awesome books, 'honey i don't have a headache tonight', and 'to love, honour and vaccum' which i look forward to reading.

Christmas morning was fun as gaffer snored loudly (on purpose) and we videoed him coming down the stairs. it took awhile to open gifts again, but once he opened thomas that puffed steam, the rest of the toys took a back seat. for the past 2 days he's been playing with it, and sleep, and eating and going to the bathroom are causes for tantrums. honestly.

a phone call at 10:30 told us 'dinner' had been moved to 'late lunch' so we hustled our butts out the door. and what a treat. we went to Burb's for lunch, accompanied by Bella and Ook and Sir and Lady Shaw. what a treat. no stress. no insanity in the kitchen. just a 'hey, want somethingto drink?' and everyone fended for themselves. we had the best turkey ever, (brined 24 hours in uh...brine?) way too much gravy ( i was tempted to put some in my pocket and take it home) and my lovely dessert. then we just sat around. how nice. how perfect.

that night rockstar hubby and i had our own party. 'nuff said.

boxing day brought us brunch with bella and ook and we had a lovely time just sitting in the kitchen, talking, eating, drinking. it was perfect. i couldn't imagine a better time.

so now we're back on schedule for the day. rockstar hubby scored a tree job (yay!) and i'm off to the gym and library with gaffer. this afternoon will require a nap i'm sure, and then perhaps to the park as rockstar hubby will be working the next 3 nights. which kinda sucks because i'll be alone, and while i don't mind being alone at night (how else can i catch up on america's next top model on youtube?), company would be nice. however, tomorrow is mum's for Christmas lunch and saturday is another day to write by myself.

pretty good holidays if you ask me...

happy birthday Jesus.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the storm

i am hiding out.
it's 7:46am, and I'm hiding in my house, pretending not to be here.

it snowed yesterday. and when i say it snowed, imean, it snowed. 37cm apparently. i think it was more than that because the snow on our lawn goes up to my waist and i'm not short.
rockstar hubby and i chatted and decided that even though we did not have the funds, we would indeed purchase a snowblower on credit (don't pay until january 09!) as the snowdump we had the week before was exhausting. (mostly on me as he was working longshift)
we also decided that we would bless others with this glorious contraption as no one, and i repeat, no one on our street had one. (actually a neighbour across the street has one but he has no heart as he never offers)
so for two days straight, rockstar hubby has done our driveway, our neighbour S's driveway and our other neighbour J's driveway and across the street at R's. i'm not bragging or anything, this is just part of the story.
S has a son. who is C. he's 32. and he's a piece of work. he has not/did not clean the leaves out of the gutter (r.s.h did) he did not shovel the driveway once for his mother. bad bad man.
this morning at 7am the plow went by. the end of my driveway is 5' high and 7' wide. i'm thrilled. even more so as r.s.h got up at 4am to do everyone's driveway, assuming the plow would have been by, by that time. no such luck. r.s.h had to go to work. he's working until 10:30 tonight for his brother and while i told him to stay at work, as he works tomorrow (and being a firefighter he can sleep there), but no, he decided he would get home at 11:30 and plow everyone's driveway, then go to work the next morning. (yes, my r.s.h is lovely i know)
at 7:05 C's father, S's ex-husband, came by in his truck and noticed the pile up intheir driveway. he thought it best to drive over it a few times with his truck to try and flatten in.
may i mention at this point that 5' high and 7' wide does not flatten?
C decided to back his car out. yes it's stuck. yes, it's now 7:52 and it's still stuck. and i know for a fact that once he is unstuck, he will drive away leaving his poor mother to fend for herself.
i was planning on using the snowblower right away as gaffer is watching rudolf and eating shortbread cookies. however...

i've decided in all of my meanness to wait until C is gone before pulling out the magic machine.
that of course i have no idea how to use.
and my heart is growing guilty as i see R and J shoveling their insane pile-up.
but not guilty enough.
you see, it's -25C out. and my son is done watching tv.

so i'm hiding.

i'm so bad.

Friday, December 7, 2007

no title for today

i know it's been awhile. i feel like not much has happened, but i guess lots has.

with the work cut back for rockstar hubby, he's been home more. which has been lovely, but strange. i find him standing over me as i check my morning e-mail with coffee in hand (soy eggnog latte actually) a little unnerving and rather annoying. i feel as though i need to prove i do more in a day than i actually do, by not letting myself sit down or stop working throughout the day. that got stale real fast.

however, he's been a brilliant dad, taking the gaffer out twice to papa's forest wearing snowshoes and pulling gaffer on gt snowracer with leash around waist. then a quick visit to nana's for cookies, then home for nap. i can live with that. during that time which i can do laundry, do quiet time, or watch America's Next Top Model on youtube. sadly, i am now addicted...however it's amusing to laugh at their immaturity and bad acting skills- and it's amusing to set up my own catwalk and watch my rump sashay back and forth as i strut out my chest in pretend heels to notice i have peanutbutter on my nose or of similar situation as i approach the mirror. ah how reality always kicks in. at least i think it's funny.

have been baking up a storm and have decided that strange-looking gingerbread beings that are slightly burnt must taste better than perfect ones. have sadly accepted that i am not martha stewart. am consoling self by eating another deranged cookie. poor thing has 3 eyeballs.