Monday, March 31, 2008

ants, heart, pits and bread

i haven't seen any ants. at all. actually i saw 3 in my kitchen two days ago, but that's it. what, they don't like the poison in the bathroom either? so now i wait. and wait. and wait.

smashed my thumb last night on the doorjam of the bedroom. said ow quietly to not waken gaffer and stuck in my mouth. but a piece of nail was sticking out. so i pulled it out. ew. i smashed a piece of nail out of my thumbnail. it's about 5mm x 5mm right out of the center top. and it bled. and it was gross. i called rockstar hubby at work. thankfully he was not asleep yet. he told me to stick it in cold water but it hurt so much! i did intermittently while whining and shivering my teeth together with shock. i popped some advil and calmed down. i eventually managed to clip off the section of nail still attached (i almost puked on that one) and threw a bandaid on top. then i went to bed with my arm propped up so the throbbing would stop. after an hour of reading, i crashed. it looks better today but i still want to puke when i look at it.

went for dr's appointment check up thingy. got my fab pap and discussed i would try out a 24 hour heart monitor to see what's going on. then we discussed the pits.

i'm on a new weird thing called 'drysol' which you dab into your armpits. it's pure aluminum chloride hexahydrate. apparently i can't have recently shaved armpits and i put it on at night. and then was saran wrap into a ball and shove it into my armpit and then wear an old tight t-shirt, because it does stain. and then in the morning i have to wash my armpits because it might breakdown the material of my clothes. i only need to do this twice a week. interesting. all for 20$. i asked if i'd get alzheimerss or something but doc laughed. guess not. if this doesn't work, i can resort to botox injections. which would be fabulous because then no one would guess my age correctly if i walk around with my arms up all the time. but it's expensive. and if i'm getting botox, it'll be going into my face thank you very much.

am attempting a new rosemary olive bread in breadmaker. i love that thing. it does take 4 hours unfortunately so you have to time it just right. but i make the best whole wheat, flax, wheat bran, raisin bread in the world. so let's see if this recipe works too.

rockstar hubby is now getting phone calls for tree work and it's a blessing. i'll be able to make my student loan payment for the education i don't use anymore. whooop!

tomorrow we hit Cora's for eggs benedict with gaffer's great-grandmother for her 93 birthday. yeehaw!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

of ants and such....

ok, so the two are now regular. on friday, there were 5. at the easter dinner, there were 6. (in the bathroom, not at dinner).
so i freaked a little on rockstar hubby and highly recommended he fix our problem. he went to the local canadian tire and bought: liquid bait, ant traps (4) and diatomaceous earth. the 4 traps hang from my bathroom ceiling, the liquid is within the baseboards and on a plate on a shelf in linen closet, along with earth.

yesterday we spent 15 minutes watching two ants walk around. one eventually walked into the ant trap. we would have waited longer to see where they went, to find a hole or something, but we had to go.

called exterminator guy and he said he 'forgot to tell us' that in june we were supposed to get out a flashlight and search, between the hours of 10 - 2am to look for ants going in our house. then if we found any, he'd spray again. but because he didn't tell us, he's going to let us have the 1 year guarantee instead of the 6 month guarantee for 300$ if we decide to spray again.

which means, more chemicals. which means harsher chemicals.

i have absolutely no idea what to do. and i'm tired of people telling me to put down cucumbers or something (no offense ladybug lady, you're a doll in offering advice) but it's an INFESTATION not a temporary picnic where they are a nuisance. i know we have rotting wood somewhere in our house, but i'm not about to rip out walls to look for it, nor do we have the money. the thought of moving perked my interest, but we've already moved 4 times in two years, and we've been here a year, and i'd like to make a new world record for us. but i can not live with the infestation. so we're trying bait and traps...again. no, it did not work last year. maybe it will this time, i have absolutely no idea. and as gross as it is seeing them in the bathroom, i refuse to see them in my bedroom, or gaffer's bedroom, crawling all over his face in the middle of the night. last night i had nightmares about them crawling all over me.

what do i do? do i spend another 300$ of what we don't have (and of course this is the time to be spraying, not later in the year) or do we ... suck it up? do we look for another house and dock the price of 300$ for spraying?

Monday, March 17, 2008


i think i live my life in soundtracks.
i'll be doing something, and a song will come to mind as i do it. or, if i hear a song, i imagine it taking place at a certain part of my life.
for example, i borrows one republic from the library. after listening to the songs and reading the pamphlet insert that comes with it, i believe they are a Christian band. which is pretty cool, because they are played in seccular music. they have a hit right now, 'apologize' with timbaland. so as i cleaned my very dirty sink (after being reminded to clean kitchen sinks while at B's house yesterday) 'apologize' came on. so i cranked it up. i love the song because while the lyrics are simple, they fit perfectly with the music, and the lead singer sings with a lot of passion. i like music sung with passion.
i began thinking about my 'other' book. the book that will be published under pseudonym because i think some people might be hurt because it's a 90% memoir, 10% fiction. in the book, the main character, serendipity, cheats on her husband, going away with 'patrick' to florida where she then decides to visit her dead grandmother's favourite place in florida at 3am. and as she's walking, she's trying to figure it all out, and that's when the song would come on. that's the soundtrack song. so now i'm imagining the movie aspect of it (i think it would do well), and i can see the bright moon, and hear the loud waves as the tide goes out, but it's cold. and as she's walking in the dark, not really paying attention to whether there is danger around her or not, her feet are freezing, but you 'have' to walk in sand with bare feet. it's like an unwritten rule or something. and as she's thinking, about hubby, about patrick, about her grandmother, this song comes on. and when she gets to her grandmother's old trailer that has been there for many years, she collapses on the porch and cries. cue chorus. it fits.

i think i need to change that book into a screenplay. i think it might be time to work on a movie....
starring me of course.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

let it snow

oh baby i can't believe how much it snowed. you'd think it would slow down the middle of march, but noooooo. we needed another good dump. rockstar hubby managed to bless 10 driveways with our snowblower that we 'just' got paid off with our meager back pay check. each driveway, due to accumulation and the fabulous wind, and the street snowplow, had snow up to their thighs. while rockstar hubby took off to help out those in need, i snapped a pic of his transportation.

love that rsh of mine.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

they're back!!!!

i know my title sounds like something interesting and fun is happening. well, you'd only be right on interesting part.
the ants are back.
i think i wrote about these suckers last year in the spring. we were infested with big black juicy ants. and they favoured my upstairs bathroom. after an insane moment of me screaming my head off when 58 ants were in my bathtub (i kid not) i thought we had destroyed those suckers when the chemical guy came. i am not a chemical person. i hate the idea of chemical ick all over my house. but i hate ants more. and this chemical was extremely potent. i would find dead flies in the windows, creepy crawlies dead near my baseboards. ok. at least i wouldn't need to do it again.

but i think i do.

5 days ago, it was bedtime and as i brushed my teeth, there was an ant. on the wall. smiling at me. i killed it.
the next night, at bedtime, i brushed my teeth, and there was another ant. on the wall. smiling at me. i killed it.
the next night, at bedtime, i had to pee, lifted the toilet seat, there was an ant. smiling at me. maybe even using the facilities. i killed it. began hyperventilating a bit.
next know the story.
i think the queen is sending out spies or something. because every 24 hours, an ant shows up in my bathroom. last night's ant was squashed on the floor because the gaffer, unknowingly squished him with his bare feet.

i'm starting to get grossed out again. i may even start hyperventilating. and i have reasons for doing so.
1- ants in my house again. peachy.
2- another 348$ to spray our house. but this time we'll have to do the 448$ one because it's guaranteed for a year and not just 6 months.
3- spraying our house again. i don't even want to think of the gaffer sleeping in bed with lovely chemicals floating around in the air.

sigh. what am i supposed to do? it's not like i can put out mint leaves or cucumber slices because it's not a couple of ants pissing me off. it's a full-on war. why am i losing?

i made sure our insurance covered ant insurance. i woke up in a sweat wondering if our house would fall down due to ant infestation.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

the best letter i ever got

as i had been slightly pms'ing, i was a little irritable when rockstar hubby gave me a compliment. (i know! what's wrong with me??) so when he told me i was 'awesome' i said, rather snappishly, 'do you have a reason why i am awesome?' to which he stuttered and then replied 'because you are'. in my selfish, crabby heart, i wanted a reason. i didn't want to be told i was beautiful, i wanted to be told WHY i was beautiful. something for me to hold on to. i mean, let's face it, would you rather be told, 'you look really pretty' or would you rather be told, 'your legs look so long and sexy in the skirt. your eyes are sparkling as you laugh. etc'. case closed. so later on when rockstar hubby was kind enough to say that i was 'cool', i immediately demanded a reason. he didn't have one. the phone call didnt' end well i 'm afraid, and yes, i take all the blame. could i be more selfish? i should be pleased that rockstar hubby compliments me at all. but no. i had to have more.

then he sent me an email which started with:
'here you are you lovely girl.'

and this is what it said. i thought maybe it was too personal to share, but i don't care. this is why i love my man. (well, one of the reasons)


1) The best way to say that something is neat-o, awesome, or swell. The phrase cool is very relaxed; never goes out of style, and people will never make fun of you for using it.

2) Awesome, wicked (new England style, NOT evil=wicked)

3) Laid back, relaxed, not freaked out, knows whats going on.

4) An adjective referring to someone that is very good, stylish, or otherwise positive.

5) When someone is “cool” they are popular, suave and you like them.

6) Hip, in-style, in.

7) Great or fantastic.

8) To decline in a way that implies you are content.

9) “Cool” is what you say when you think someone’s social status is above average or when you think someone is better than usual.

10) My Definition: “cool” means to be awesome as a wife, mom, daughter, and friend, to do what is good in the eyes of God, to be the best friend that I ever had (except Jesus), to be a brilliant cook, outrageous writer, damn good driver, fantastically fun to spend time with, frigging funny to talk to and listen to, to have perfectly pretty, sparkly, confident and friendly eyes, and to be the recipient of such compliments as; “wow, you are so cool…you handled that situation with your brother really well” OR “Wow, way to keep the car on the road after that dumbass cut you off…you really kept your cool (as in the ability to keep your head in the midst of poor road conditions and idiot drivers) OR “Wow, you really know your son well and are able to stay cool and comfort him always when he needs you…that is so cool. In a nutshell, you’re so cool that when God made you…He was showing off.

See…you ARE so cool! All of this applies to you.
And I love you a lot.
Any time I tell you that you are cool you can feel free to refer back to this list.

isn't he brilliant???