Saturday, May 16, 2009

Freakin' Out

I found a web-site where HC is taking open submissions. Everyone can read your book, and if it catches their attention, they'll read it too.

My heart. The gaffer is my heart. But my book is my heart. I feel so vulnerable and afraid. It's not that I don't think my book is good enough. I know it is.

But what if this turns into another rejection? It's my heart.

Friday, May 15, 2009

news, news, and more news

First of all, we are being SUPER blessed with all the tree work. Actually, it's a little scary because I've managed to forget everything I know about time-management (which I admit, is not a lot, but still), I'm booking jobs in July, which means I've dealt with some very angry customers. Which I have taken personally. And managed to eat an entire chocolate bar to calm down afterwards. I've since stopped that. HOWEVER, on wednesday, rockstar hubby was rockin' a honkin tree job (two days to complete!) and everyone was working in the backyard. At 5pm I got a phone call. Someone, we figure a rubber-necker, drove by rsh's car and trailer, was too busy watching what they were doing in the backyard and took a swipe at his car. The car door and panel have been smashed in, as well as a dragging swipe up the front. And then the culprit took off. And no one saw anything. In a 40km zone. In a quiet neighbourhood. BUGGER! I was hoping at least the insurance company would say the car was undrivable and would lend me a convertible and rsh would borrow my car, but the arrogant, tattoo-covered, late-getting-to-work, 20 year old said the car was fine and it would be 1700$ to fix. !!!!! Yes, we have a 500$ deductible, but if you're going to be a dink AND not give me a car, then we shall check our other options. And all they were going to do is pound out the dent. Doesn't that mean the door is weaker?
Other news, rsh's grandma, is finally going into a nursing home. I want to point out that she is 93, is losing her mind, and lives alone. She has taken to getting dressed and waiting for her bus, outside, at 3am. And calling people in her church directory at 4am, asking when they were going to pick her up for church. So, she is going to a great home. And it is really stressing out rsh's mom, (best m.i.l ever!) but it's for the best. They will be cleaning out her apartment. Which made me uncomfortable, but m.i.l was matter-of-fact about it. And I was offered...the piano.

I am 35 years old.
I have always wanted to learn to play the piano.
But we never had money for frivolties like that.
I'm getting a piano.
It's not a baby grand or anything, it's a wall piano, but it'll be mine.

I am very excited.
And of course the gaffer will be taking lessons. And ballet in the fall. And yoga classes. All to prepare him for football.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rut, rut, rut

oof, am a little behind...

Speaking of ruts...yuck. It's sunny out. I have a new dirt pig. She still needs a name, but nothing comes to mind yet. I've given myself permission to play outside today. And yet...


Mother's day was wonderful. The gaffer and rockstar hubby made me breakfast in bed (croissants, brie, strawberries) in which the gaffer ate most of, and then I was given my gifts. The gaffer handed me a 'recipe' book of his jk class. I was like, ok, I never gave in a recipe, but ok. So I opened it and the index had a meal and the child's name beside it. So I went to my son's name, which was under 'hot chocolate'. This is what it said:

"Hot Chocolate
By Jackson

A little bit of soy milk

1) The first thing you do is pour some soy milk in a sippy cup all the way tot he top and mix it all up.
2) Then put it in the microwave for 5 minutes and if it's too hot just wait and then you dirnk it all up. (If it doesn't have the white thing under the lid that keeps it from leaking then you have to drink it slowly!)"

Of course I cried! It was adorable!

And then rockstar hubby gave me two presents. He bought me the Kerastase (sp?) oleo-relax serum for my crazy coarse hair and a new purse! The purse is something I saw about 4 weeks ago and said I liked it, and that was it. He remembered! It's gorgeous. Not expensive of course, but it's a beautiful dark cherry red. And it's huge! Now I can carry all my crap around!


I I need something amazing to be excited about. Maybe I'm just...I think I'm feeling really frustrated about my book. Yes, all I have to do is pick up my reference book, do some more research about where I can send it in, but...I really want closure you know? And I'm having a hard time writing. I'm sending the gaffer off tomorrow to the sitter's so I can take time to write AND write my pseudo-dirt pig...I'm hoping that while biking along the parkway I'll become inspired but we'll see.
I'm just going to go outside now.
Paint my bench a silly blue.
Plant my carrots and weed the dandelions (friggin friggers).
Stare at my peas and beans and wonder how I'm going to stake them without it being expensive or ugly (I told rsh that I love his help, but I'll do it this time. I don't want another contraption attached to our outside wall)

Maybe I'll just dye my hair dark brown tonight. I did it about 8 weeks ago, but for some reason my hair sloughs off all colour and wants to remain a weird mousy brown at the roots and a strange orange-red-brown for the rest. Ech.